FirstEF Examples

FirstEF Predictions for the following examples

EXAMPLE-1 chr21:37648661-37718904

Annotated First Exons
  1. complement(23827..23879) Non-coding annotation supported by BG037057
  2. join(23958..24031) Non-coding annotation supported by AV702113
  3. join(30001..30243) Coding annotation supported by X93498

EXAMPLE-2 chr22:26280271-26340339

Annotated First Exons
  1. complementjoin(29488..29665) Non-coding annotation supported by AL050346
  2. join(30001..30089) Coding annotation supported by X72990

EXAMPLE-3 chr22:33423701-33513798

Annotated First Exons
  1. complement(6838..7379) Coding annotation supported by AK025714 AK025714
  2. complement(30018..30120) Coding supported by BC000469
  3. ATG annotated (complement(..38546) but not First Exon, ATG annotation is supported by protein Q92902

EXAMPLE-4 chr16:5575001-5650000

Annotated First Exons
  1. join(5260..6321) Non-coding supported by AJ298844
  2. complement(68697..68787) Coding supported by BC002994

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